Wildlife Conservation

  • Predator Protection Device

    In many parts of the world, predation of livestock by predators such as wolves, lions, or hyenas leads to retaliation by the impacted farmers. Retaliation can mean the death of the offending animal, the death of scapegoat species, or the indiscriminate poisoning of wildlife in the hopes of removing the offending predators. None of these solutions are sustainable, so researchers around the world are pursuing non-lethal alternatives to predation management. The University of Notre Dame’s CSE students are tackling this problem in Kenya where lions are the nuisance predator attacking livestock in their corrals at night. 

  • Purple Martin

    The Purple Martin Conservation Association works to track the migratory pattern of the native North American swallow called the Purple Martin. Through the efforts of many citizen scientists, data is collected that contributes to monitoring the health of this species that is threatened by invasive birds. Citizen scientists used to only be able to send in physical reports of their observations, and they have recently been able to submit reports online. Notre Dame CSE undergraduates are now extending participation in the Purple Martin Conservation Association’s mission to mobile platforms. Our goal is to develop applications for Android and iOS platforms that will allow citizen scientists to easily collect vital data for the Scout Arrival, Martin Watch, and Martin Roost projects.

  • Proyecto Titi

    Creation of an Android and Web App for researchers to use when surveying families in Colombia for the protection and conservation of Cotton-Top Tamarins.

Project Members

Dr. Christian Poellabauer

Joshua Siva

Bryan Xia

John Templeton